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Coupon code! save 15% on ranks

tno1 a posted Jun 27, 14
-Coupon code -


  1. 15% off on rank and rank upgrades
  2. there is 10 uses of it! 
  3. So first 10 who uses it can save 15% on ranks - so if you want a rank get it now!
Allowing cracked users to join now, so they can play this game the way it is meant to be played. as a multiplayer and not singleplayer. 

We will not tell nor teach how to use cracked, as we support bought minecraft

New plugin (Made myself)

tno1 a posted May 28, 14
Alright so now all drops from mined ore is now removed. When you break a block with your pickaxe, the item will be put directly into your inventory. 

Fortune now works!
lvl0 = 1 item
lvl5 = 2 items
lvl10 = 3 items
and so on.

Updating the server

tno1 a posted May 28, 14
Hello all updating the server. Will be removing some old plugins that was causing issues.

Welcome to the forums

tno1 a posted May 27, 14
Hello new MCPROP Players

So on your left you can vote, vote on all and you get a reward:
10pick, 1.5Billion cash EVERY DAY FOR FREE!!!!

So vote and help :) 

On your right you can see the shop view where it just switches between different offers. 

Middle you can see server status.
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